On April 7 2017, activists in Jacksonville Florida held a peaceful demonstration calling for peace in Syria.

Despite committing no crimes according to dozens of witnesses and extensive video footage of the entire event, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) beat and arrested 5 prominent union and community activists in Jacksonville.

The #Jax5 who were brutally beat and arrested by the JSO include:

  • Connell Crooms, disabled Black man and Teamster activist
  • Willie Wilder, a 74 year old Vietnam Veteran and leader of Vets for Peace
  • Christina Kittle, a Queer Black woman and advocate for women against domestic violence and rape
  • Tom Beckham, a Trans rights activist and student activist
  • Dave Schneider, a Teamster Shop Steward and community leader

In a ridiculous turn, the JSO has made false allegations and charged the Jax5 with multiple felonies. These lies are obviously a sign of a desperate JSO that knows they made huge mistakes and committed police brutality on peaceful protesters.

The JSO are waging a campaign to try and smear the Jax5, but extensive eye-witness accounts and video footage clearly show the innocence of the Jax5 and the brutal tactics of the JSO.

The story has gone viral and has been published in news outlets around the country and around the world, and this page is dedicated to leading the struggle to win justice for the Jax5. Our 4 unifying demands are:

  1. Drop all Charges Against the #Jax5
  2. Prosecute JSO for Brutality
  3. Full Investigation of JSO Misconduct & Ties to White Supremacist Groups/Individuals
  4. Full Investigation of Surveillance and Spying on Community Organizers and Leaders

Donations can be sent to: Jax5 Defense Fund